School Programs


Kids love to learn super cool tricks & hoop dance moves through Hoop2Health’s dynamic movement programs.


Hoop 2 Health will come to your school for a fun-filled, hands-on workshop and a rocking hoop jam! A plethora of hoops, music and expert instruction will be provided.


Hoop 2 Health programs:
* Are designed to experience success and build self-esteem.
* Include group activities that promote cooperation, problem solving and friend-making.
* Improve motor skills, agility, cardio health, and spatial/body awareness.
* Develop an appreciation for dynamic performing arts.


The Experience…

Students will be captivated and fully engaged in their hooping event while learning about making healthy choices and discovering the unique, hooping splendor within them!

The program establishes a strong emphasis on individuality and demonstrates how active play can fortify the mind/body connection. After some hoop time, the children will recognize a boost in their mood and an increase in the smiles around them.

Each person has different abilities and that is to be celebrated and embraced! The focus of Hoop 2 Health is what you can achieve with a hula hoop and an enlightened spirit. Every individual can express themselves through movement in a special way. Positive self-talk and peer-praise will be modeled and encouraged throughout all workshops.


Programs can be tailored for:
* an after-school activity
* day camps
* preschools
* promotional events
* family nights
* a school hoop dance party
* faculty wellness program, in-service days, and team building



Obesity in children is still on the rise.

In fact, 1 out of 3 young people are currently obese or overweight.

Many efforts are being made to help improve these statistics. The mission of Hoop2Health is to put these efforts into effect. Hoop2Health offers something that is not just an idea, system, or slogan on a poster. This is a first-hand experience that will help to create the change that is needed. The Hoop2Health program for kids can also include activities for making healthy food choices.


After learning the fun, basic skills that are needed for hoop dance the possibilities are endless. The benefits will be ongoing, creative, self-expressive & confidence building.   Hooping is a great activity to integrate into your school culture.  It is easy to initiate, low on cost, and  can be done in short amounts of time during the day. It is excellent for a 10-15 minute energy boost, which works well in the day of a student.